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Hi everyone, My name is Angie Gillespie. I’m an encaustic artist here from Sioux Falls and the owner of APLIS Fine Art Printing, a small studio located in the 8th & Railroad Building, Sioux Falls, SD. My approach is to work 1x1 with my clients & understand their specific digital capture & printing needs.

Although I’ve been in the printing industry for over a decade; the "behind-the-scenes" for printing fine art is different. It presents its own unique challenges when the goal is to match the print to the original. But having the right equipment and creating a very controlled color managed work flow has let me do just that.

Some people like to golf, some like to bake. I like to read about papers, ink, color gamuts and printer profiles. (Of course while eating cake.) Because I only have one mission at APLIS Fine Art Printing. That’s to create beautiful color matched prints for my clients using the best quality paper and inks. Prints that go above and beyond their expectations and are priced fairly so you, the artist, in return can make a profit. Simple as that! Let’s talk about your next project and how selling prints can provide a new revenue stream for you!

All the Best,

Angie Gillespie